Hi, my name is Kate! I’m a young Australian woman with a passion for designing and creating gorgeous cards. I live in Brisbane, Queensland with my family and two cats who (think they) run the house.

I started making cards eight years ago after I became ill and my life changed completely. I was surprised to uncover previously untapped and unrecognised talents and creative instincts.

I now enjoy making cards, not only just for my friends and family, but also for people all over the world. I really love knowing that my work is being given to people on all sorts of occasions. My cards have been framed or kept as special mementos. It truly brings a smile to my face to be told that the receiver values and appreciates my work.

I use only high-quality materials and pride myself on detail and workmanship.

Please visit my Shop to view cards currently for sale.

If you wish to order a card for a specific purpose/person/occasion, please click here to contact me about a custom order. I enjoy the challenge of creating out-of-the-ordinary cards; some examples have been cards for multiple births, special cards with specific themes (e.g. lawn bowls, flamingos, soccer, frogs, nautical, superheroes, music).

To view some of the cards I have made previously visit my Gallery of Previous Work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

— Kate.